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About The Hackathon

Since the start of the One Million Arab Coders (OMAC) initiative, we’ve been preparing for the future, addressing the vast demand for coders to cover the need for programmers as the world moves toward being a digital place.

With the condition of the Coronavirus spread, the future has arrived, the future we have been preparing for is right now. This is our turn when technology-based products & services are the only way to make this new reality a better place for everyone. This is the time for you, for Arab fighters, the innovators, and the givers, to come and join us while we make our tomorrow more hopeful.

This Online Hackathon is an opportunity for problem-solvers, developers, designers, marketers, subject-matter experts, and other powerful networks of innovators to build tech-based solutions that result in social impact, to address some of the challenges posed by COVID-19. Challenges related to the world lock-down, the need for people to be connected with their healthcare providers, the need to maintain our mental health, and to support each other, also figure out work and study remotely arrangements, and more.

We’re looking for all Arab heroes, for creators, and change-makers to be part of this hackathon, to help shape a new world that is more technology-oriented to contain the implications of the virus. We encourage you to form multi-disciplinary teams and use the technologies of your choice to develop solutions. Feel free to explore any potential innovations. The following are our hackathon themes.


How might we support people in identifying symptoms, facilitate communication with healthcare professionals and access to medical services, and raise awareness regarding prevention?



How might we support people in the social isolation phase, offer mental and emotional well-being solutions, and help people deal with anxiety?



How can we provide creative ways for students and teachers to collaborate remotely, introduce innovative means for e-learning, and figure out a digital experience for the whole education process?

Social Solidarity

Social Solidarity

How can we support the elderly and those vulnerable to the virus, figure out socially-backed compensations for the daily wage workers, and connect people to NGOs that help in eliminating poverty and hunger?

Small Business Support

Small Business Support

How can we support small businesses to survive the crisis, connect them to opportunities, and help them in accessing new markets?

Open Track

Open Track

For any ideas not falling under our 5 themes. As long as your idea is addressing any of the COVID-19 challenges; feel free to let your imagination fly.



Teams of 2-5 members are encouraged to apply. The team should consist of at least one developer. Designers and marketers in addition to healthcare, well-being, or education experts are encouraged to participate in teams. Individuals can also apply, however, teams are preferred and have a higher chance of getting selected for the prototype development phase.

Technology-based ideas

Solutions should be prototypable in 5-days maximum.

How It Works

Idea Applications

Interested participants sign up and fill out the application form to submit their ideas. The deadline to register is April 26th midnight GST.

Idea Evaluations

Judges evaluate the submitted applications and give feedback to the participants. This evaluation phase will take 3 days.

Idea Phase Results

Results are announced; a total of 30 teams will be selected to join the prototyping phase to help them develop their prototypes in 5 days.

Prototyping & Mentorship

The 30 teams work with their assigned mentors on developing their prototypes throughout 5 days.

Prototype Submission

The 30 teams submit their prototype details on the platform under the prototype phase. The deadline to submit the prototypes is May 4th midnight GST.

Prototype Evaluation

Judges evaluate the submitted prototypes and give feedback to the teams. This evaluation phase will take 3 days.

Results Announcement

The top 10 teams are announced and invited to pitch live in front of a committee composed of Dubai Future Foundation members. This will take 2 days.

Hackathon Awards

The top 5 teams are picked and awarded $10,000 each. Date to be announced.

Further Opportunities

All of the top 30 teams will be connected to relevant opportunities to further develop their solutions.

Judging Criteria for the Prototype Phase

Working prototype


Impact & Scalability


User Experience

Implementation Cost

Judging Criteria for the Idea Phase

Team qualifications


Impact & Scalability


Rapid development potential


Top 5 projects in the prototype phase to win $10,000 each.

OMAC and hackathon partners to support the top 30 projects in the prototype phase.

Mentorship to the top 30 projects in the prototype phase.

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