You can get inspired by the initiatives, and solutions launched globally to fight COVID-19. The following are some ideas that may guide you in your quest to develop and propose a solution. 

  • COVID-19 information and updates in the Arabic language
  • Visualization and analysis of Coronavirus-related data
  • Facilitate social life in times of isolation
  • Learning platforms in Arabic 
  • Mental health in lockdown information platforms
  • Tools to support the community with Coronavirus anxiety
  • Project Management tools facilitating working from home
  • Contactless delivery solutions
  • Teams management tools to facilitate working from home
  • Tools for facilitating homeschooling
  • Tools to facilitate remote learning
  • Solutions for digitalized paperwork 
  • Solutions for online payment
  • Tools to facilitate lockdown for groups who are more vulnerable to the virus.
  • Self-tracking for citizens to monitor virus spread
  • Corona chatbot to provide up-to-date answers in Arabic

8 thoughts on “IDEAS TO BUILD ON

  1. Hi,
    Me and my team were working on covid19 informational site. could we submit it and build on top of the solution we started to work on ?
    we can improve and add multiple features that we think is going to help people during these difficult times.

        1. Applications get evaluated then the best 30 applicants are selected for Phase 2. In Phase 2, they’ll need to develop their ideas and turn them into prototypes. @Sultan

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