You can get inspired by the initiatives, and solutions launched globally to fight COVID-19. The following are some ideas that may guide you in your quest to develop and propose a solution. 

  • COVID-19 information and updates in the Arabic language
  • Visualization and analysis of Coronavirus-related data
  • Facilitate social life in times of isolation
  • Learning platforms in Arabic 
  • Mental health in lockdown information platforms
  • Tools to support the community with Coronavirus anxiety
  • Project Management tools facilitating working from home
  • Contactless delivery solutions
  • Teams management tools to facilitate working from home
  • Tools for facilitating homeschooling
  • Tools to facilitate remote learning
  • Solutions for digitalized paperwork 
  • Solutions for online payment
  • Tools to facilitate lockdown for groups who are more vulnerable to the virus.
  • Self-tracking for citizens to monitor virus spread
  • Corona chatbot to provide up-to-date answers in Arabic

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